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Seeding The Ambitions

“Seeding the Ambitions” program is developed by Ednextpro Education to help the students in make the informed choices about their education and career. Program is, primarily, a non-curricular program which is designed for schools, keeping in mind the crucial role which a school plays in linking education & career for students.

What is “Seeding the Ambitions” Program About..

Seeding the Ambitions program is a non-curricular program developed for Schools/ formal colleges/institutes to set up an “Education and Career Care Unit” for providing all round support to their students of secondary classes i.e. Calibre Intelligence test for analyzing the talent of students and effective guidance, Counselling programs for specific requirements, awareness about streams & career avenues post Class X, Knowledge portal for school/competitive exams/extra studies,  and various other features are associated with programs.

Intent of the program is to facilitate a well-developed support system to Schools so that they can help students in making informed choices about their education and career.

Need for “Seeding the Ambitions”

  • ·         India is only G-20 nation wherein active & robust counselling mechanism is not present & students face challenges in terms of availing guidance
  • ·         Absence of any scientific or systematic program to help students in assessing their own potential, talents, interest, strengths, and areas of improvement & availability of relevant information to make the informed choices
  • ·         Stream selection & Career choices are very complex as well as lifetime decisions & choices made with planning keeps the success ratio as high as 97% hence the linkage of education to career becomes extremely important
  • ·         Plenty of career options are available i.e.  4000+ careers are available as on 2016 & every year, 100+ career options add to the list hence the awareness of career options as well as it’s planning at the right stage plays very crucial factor
  • ·         90% of the students do not even assess their potential before choosing a stream & career while 85% of them feels unhappy after few years, with the choices made

Features of “Seeding the Ambitions”

Seeding the Ambitions is a knowledge sharing program meant to enrich the student’s potential through imparting awareness though various learning and participating modules. Salient features of the program are as mentioned below:

  • Program is completely non-curricular & participative in nature
  • Awareness about education as well as career ecosystem & joining the missing link between education & career
  • Program is meant to provide a platform for overall support to schools & students in education & development
  • General as well as specific to the need counselling system to be developed at schools to support them in delivering robust and active counselling services
  • Providing a learning platform at much affordable cost to schools for their transition to digital learning platform & in turn, facilitating students with access to all education materials

& many more features are part of “Seeding the Ambitions” program to enable schools to enhance their contribution in building a child’s future.

Benefits of “Seeding the Ambitions”

“Seeding the Ambitions”, as named “Educational & Career Care Unit” for schools and students, is designed to facilitate the All-Round Support consists of following features & benefits:

  • ·         Caliber Assessment through IQ Test

                  ü  It helps in understands the student’s caliber

ü  Illustrative 15 pages report & Internationally valid Caliber Score

ü  Evaluation on 10 parameters i.e. Retention, Numerical handling, Sensing, Word understanding, Spatial observations and patterns, Logical analysis, Arithmetic chronology, Spatial correlation & creative application

ü  Stream selection guidance

ü  Realistic career recommendations & 100% accurate career guidance

ü  Report generated under guidance of PhD experts & session with certified counselor for guidance

  • ·         Seminars in schools for General career building awareness as well as specific career updates

ü  Career experts will conduct the monthly session in school for entire duration of program

ü  As we say, informed choices make positive difference…. professional will share the know-how of selecting a stream and “What’s In IT For Me” of choosing various careers

ü  Updates related to sessions will be available on Ednextpro’s Knowledge portal for future references as well

  • ·         Polishing the efficiency

ü  Our training experts understand the importance of logical- analytical skills, reasoning ability & spatial skills…we facilitate training on learning modules to polish the mentioned skills in students

ü  Learning activities on increasing retention skills and concentration

ü  Session on practical application of conduct & skills

  • ·         Learning & knowledge Portal

ü  Our motto of facilitating access of study & knowledge bank to everyone

ü  Single platform for complied view of all education related information & study material related to school studies of Class X/XII, current affairs, competitive exams preparatory material, different career options, scholarships, courses & their colleges & various audio visual material

ü  Portal can be accessed through individual’s log in ID

ü  Knowledge portal also be opted as official digital learning platform for schools

Let’s look forward to enter into a new era of educational services which let the students know about their actual potential and linking their potential with the higher education choices as well as possible & suitable career options through a scientifically developed features, expert guidance and learning modules. 

Come And Join Us To Get Your Career Asssured !