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    Career planning is necessary after Exam results

    Date blog   2017-07-11 05:43:22
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    Career planning is necessary after Exam results

    We know that results for Class X and XII CBSE boards exam are about to come, every one of you is waiting eagerly to know about ?How you faired in exams??

    Few may score well and few may meet expectations while few may just manage to get score to pass through the exams.Trust me, exams are just a qualifier to move ahead and get admissions in the streams or graduation courses. There is, actually, no need to think a lot about result as the result of every class is just a part of journey and career is much bigger aspect. So, despite your results whether excellent, good or satisfactory... keep working hard, be focused and study well! 

    I am mentioning some tips below which should be in your checklist.

    Activities to do after Class XII:

    Contemplate about the options where you have your interest and skills inclined. If we get ourselves aligned to such higher education options or professional courses where our interest and skills are lying, the chance of doing excellent increases by leaps and bounds as suitability is higher!

    You are at the verge of choosing a career and the choice made right now will stay with you for long, probably, forever. So, before making choices please speak to your family, friends & reach out to the career counsellors for appropriate advice for choosing courses. You should also look at employability quotient of particular course or higher education option before embarking on it and career counsellor will support you with not only making right choices but also in making a complete career path for you

    For XII students, choosing college for higher education is not an easy task as currently, lots of options are available for each course. However, while making decision of college, please explore for the past performance, infrastructure, faculties and curriculum of course in that particular college. If you are going for professional courses, don?t forget to have a look on the past placement record of particular college

    Activities to do after Class X:

    Class X students, you need to make decision about ?Which way to go? and this will be your first milestone of education and career span. Stream selection should be done consciously by looking at suitability, future career options and scope. Holistically, you should look at what all it offers as you move forward!

    If you are not able to make decision about choosing a stream (which generally happens due to lot of lucrative career paths offered by all the streams), please consult an education and career counsellor so that they can help you by assessing your calibre, skills, interest and personality to suggest you the stream and possible as well as realistic career roadmaps

    So, there is nothing to worry, this is just a starting, be confident and move forward!

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