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    Importance of Career Assessment Test

    Date blog   2017-04-27 00:00:00
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    Importance of Career Assessment Test

    "Education and career decisions should be made carefully, as these decisions are irreversible and have long lasting impact"

    In our last blog, we have discussed about the importance of career counselling. 

    When someone opts for career counselling services, then the role of counsellor becomes extremely important. It becomes important for career counsellor to scientifically and accurately evaluate the potential of student so that suitable higher education and career options can be suggested.

    How a career counsellor obtain scientific and accurate evaluation of a student?

    Career Counsellors evaluate the students through Career assessment tests. Career assessments provide the knowledge about various aspects which are mentioned as follows:

    • Evaluates the calibre of students: In the market, wide range of career options is available however to choose a career, a student need to check what skills & how much has been acquired by him/her over the years of studies. Skills which denote calibre assessment are numerical handling, arithmetic chronology, word understanding, creativity, spatial skills etc. After assessment of accrued skills, choice of education and career becomes easier.

    • Interest evaluation: Interest plays an important role in career choices as you may have your interest in many career or professions. As we discussed last time, 85% of the professional seems dissatisfied after 5 years of making choices. This happens because career choices are generally not made basis the interest but the merits, current scope etc. Another fact, choices made, this way not only creates scarcity of opportunities in a particular field due to increased demand, but also leaves us dissatisfied. Career assessment test assesses your interest and helps you by looking them in ranking and eliminates the not suitable options

    Calibre assessment tests are useful tool and students should get their potential and interest assessed in order to have the right analysis of various parameters and hence make the informed and accurate education and career choices.

    Career assessment test, which we use for evaluation, are unique and assesses the student with 360* analysis. Our career assessment test helps student with interest profiling, potential evaluation and recommends the higher education and career road maps along with the back-up planning for your career.

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