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Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Arts

What is it?

Bachelor of Arts (B.A) is one of the most common traditional professional course. The syllabus is not very tough and it takes 3 years to complete it. 

For most of the Government jobs Graduation is the minimum educational qualification. This is one of the easier courses to do graduation. So if you are looking  at government job, then you may go for this course. The colleges are present throughout India so if you don't want to leave your native place, you may pursue this course.


Eligibility and Admission process

12th Arts (or any other stream)  from a recognized School 

Most of the admissions are carried out via entrance examinations, besides that, students past academic records are also taken into consideration.


After completing  the graduation, you can purse career in different fields as per the specialization you have taken in degree. You may become Economist, Archaeologist, Philosopher, Public Relation Executive, Social Activist, Educationist, Historian, Psychologist, Sociologist, Journalist and so on.