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Career Options After Class X
Career Options After Class X

Stream Selection After Class X

Stream selection is first & one of the most important milestone of your career !

We know that the stream selection after Class X is going to be first choice which we make towards our dream career! You should select the stream based on your interest and calibre. Earlier were the days when , only basis the marks secured in Class X used to decide which stream and individual chooses in Class XI. Factually, the same trend is still prevalent but now a days, owing to the lucrative opportunities present in each stream, the interest of the student is given more weightage than the marks based selection of streams.

You should ideally weigh the scope which a particular branch is offering and how much the opportunities present in that stream interests you!

Guidance to choose a stream

Self Awareness:  First step before making such choices, you should have fair awareness about your own interests and skill as well as aptitude. You should also assess your liking towards various subjects like Science, Maths, Languages etc. Knowing your own strength and weakness will help you in making a thoughtful and accurate decision.

Guidance from Parents/teacher : Guidance from experts and experienced people always matters. On many occasions, students ignore their passion and follow parent’s decision. So, a healthy discussion with parents and conveying about own real happiness should not be missed out during this phase.

Career Counsellors : Career counsellors are the experienced professionals who guide the students in making stream selection and career choices  with the help of scientific. They help you in providing clear idea of your own interests, aptitude, strengths, area of improvements, suitable career options & career roadmap.